Celebrating God’s Presence

We gather for corporate worship each Sunday morning to celebrate God’s presence … relying on the promise that Christ will be with us always, through the joys and sorrows of life.

– Ryan Forbes, Minister of Music and Worship

Together, with hearts and voices, we engage in an experience where God is the audience.  We are not simply spectators. Worship — it’s active — it’s something we do together as a community of faith. Corporate worship is also a progressive, continuing discipline connecting us to God and to each other.

Worship is planned each week with the following foundational understandings:

  • We gather to celebrate God’s presence in our joys and in our sorrows, through times of pleasure and times of pain.
  • God is the audience of congregational worship. 
  • The congregation and worship leaders are participants in this experience, not simply spectators. 
  • Worship is a verb; it is something we do, not something done for us. 

A special welcome to all guests — we invite you to make yourself at home as part of this community!


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